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"Not Believing" is not an Option!


A town in Portugal, where, between May and October, 1917, our Lady appeared on the 13th day of 6 consecutive months to three children, Jacinta, Francisco, and Lucia, referring to herself as "The Lady of the Rosary". Our Lady told the children to do penance and make sacrifices for sinners, and to say the Rosary every day, in addition to foretelling future events in the Church, popularly known as the "three secrets of Fatima".

The 3 children publicly foretold a miracle would take place on October 13, 1917 as told by Our Lady. At the exact time and location the children foretold, over 70,000 came and witnessed a "miracle of the sun", lasting some 20 minutes long, which attests to the authenticity of the apparitions. Spectators of all beliefs attested to the miracle in the newspaper the following day and the apparitions and miracle have been well researched and documented since. The Catholic Church has also investigated and approved of the apparitions as authentic. Below we see Pope Pius XII openly speaking of Our Lady of Fatima in his encyclicals.

Church Teaching:

  • Without doubt God will shower upon the noble nation of Portugal the liberality of His blessings as he did at its birth. And the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Rosary, who is venerated at Fatima and is the same great Mother of God who obtained a great victory at Lepanto, will be with you with her powerful protection. Also with you will be St. Francis Xavier, the Patron of the Missions and a sort of adopted son of your country, and Blessed John de Brito, together with the resplendent phalanx of the other Portuguese saints of the missions
    Encyclical On the Eighth Centenary of the Independence of Portugal by Pope Pius XII on June 13, 1940
  • It is well known that we have taken advantage of every opportunity -- through personal audiences and radio broadcasts -- to exhort Our children in Christ to a strong and tender love, as becomes children, for Our most gracious and exalted Mother. On this point it is particularly fitting to call to mind the radio message which We addressed to the people of Portugal, when the miraculous image of the Virgin Mary which is venerated at Fatima was being crowned with a golden diadem.[3] We Ourselves called this the heralding of the "sovereignty" of Mary
    Encyclical On Proclaiming the Queenship of Mary by Pope Pius XII, October 11, 1954


While we as Catholics are not bound by the Catholic Church to believe in the apparitions and miracle at Fatima, assent would normally be expected of a Catholic based on the discernment of the Church and its judgment that this apparition is "worthy of belief", and based on the miracle witnessed by nearly 70,000 people on the day the children foretold it would occur. If we also consider that Jacinta Marto's body (one of the three Fatima children) was also discovered incorrupt many years after her death, this also attests to the truthfulness of this apparition.

All Popes from Pope Pius XII and afterward have openly spoken about the miracle of Fatima, especially about the "Third Secret" of Fatima, given to Sister Lucy in 1917 and due to be released to the public in 1960. This shows their belief in this apparition as well. The "Third Secret" was read in private by Pope John XXIII in 1960 as expected, though he chose not to release the secret to the public. All Popes since that time have also chosen not to release the third secret either, to the surprise of the entire world. Much evidence points to this secret having to do with a great apostasy in the Catholic Church since 1960.

See the booklet, "The Third Secret of Fatima" by Brother Michael of the Holy Trinity, C.R.C., for full details.



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