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Catholic Essentials
"Not Believing" is not an Option!

The History of Catholic Teaching

The Catholic Church is a divinely founded by Jesus Christ, who established His Church by becoming man and dying for us, so that the gates of heaven could be opened to us. During Our Lord's life on earth, he clearly established specific guidelines in Scripture that we MUST follow in order to obtain eternal happiness. Our Lord also gave us His promise in Scripture that He will always be with His Church, that it will never fail, and that we are to believe all that it teaches "or be condemned".

This site summaries some of the core teachings of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church that many are either unaware of or misunderstand. We provide Scriptural support and Church documentation for each teaching. The teachings are broken up into Chapters to provide a more natural flow of understanding.

In a nutshell, Scripture is the foundation of Catholicism left to us by Our Lord, and Church Law is based on that Scripture. Just like we cannot pick and choose which laws in society we wish to follow, the same concept applies to Scripture and Church Law - they all MUST be adhered to. As we can see from the Church definition of "heresy", Catholics who do not believe ALL Church teachings cannot call themselves Catholic. If you cannot call yourself Catholic, then you cannot be saved!

"Even the heretics appear to have Christ, for none of them denies the name of Christ; yet, anyone who does not confess all that pertains to Christ does in fact deny Christ." — St. Ambrose, +389, cited in The Faith of the Early Fathers, Vol. 2, p. 163.


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